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David Piotrowski's law firm handles many types of legal matters. The firm is dedicated to excellent work and professional customer service. Our goal is to provide you with exceptional legal assistance and support. The size of the firm enables Mr. Piotrowski to handle all aspects of your legal matter, from start to finish. We work hard on every matter to ensure it is done correctly and properly. We promptly return client phone calls and respond to client requests. We will keep you informed throughout the status of your case. We work extremely hard to provide the best legal services possible.

We work hard to achieve a fair and equitable result for our clients while keeping costs down and being fiscally responsible. Please contact us so that we can represent you and your legal needs.

Firm Publications:

Attorney Piotrowski publishes a book called, "California Landlord Best Practices and Eviction Overview: An Easy-to-Read Guide Outlining Best Practices for California Landlords Plus a Summary of the Eviction Process." This book seeks to provide an easy-to-understand and concise guide for California landlords by providing valuable suggestions for managing the landlord/tenant relationship and also provides a high-level overview of what to expect in the event that the tenant needs to be evicted. This book should be used as a tool to educate the landlord about the business of renting property in California, with an emphasis on residential units.

Firm History:

David Piotrowski formed his practice in 2004 to serve the needs of its clients in several areas of the law. The firm represents clients, both individuals and businesses, in the areas of landlord/tenant, evictions, household goods transportation, immigration, business formation, contract drafting, negotiation, and analysis, and wills and trusts.

Firm Philosophy:

The firm's philosophy has always been and will continue to be to represent the client with the utmost professionalism while being fiscally responsible.

The firm strongly believes that the client should participate in the representation. To this end, the firm will keep the client informed on the status of the case. The firm will not take a case if its current workload would not allow the firm to give the client the attention needed. Each matter shall be handled competently and with the professionalism it deserves and with great attention to detail.

Firm Location:

The firm has three offices; two offices in Southern California and one office in San Francisco. Due to the nature of the practice, most attorney/client interaction is completed via email, fax, and telephone.

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