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Custom Tariff

We represent landlords throughout the eviction process in Southern California and San Francisco.
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Household Goods Movers.
Get your USDOT and MC number, publish your tariff, and create your interstate household goods contracts.
Tariff Publishing.  The Law Office of David Piotrowski creates custom tariffs for interstate household goods moving companies.
Estate Planning (Wills/Trusts).
Proper estate planning is critical.  Let us prepare your Will, Revocable Trust, and Power of Attorney.
Moving Company Forms.  The Law Office of David Piotrowski creates custom form templates for documents such as the Bill of Lading, Order for Service, Estimate, and Inventory.

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Create a Custom Household Goods Tariff - A Comparison


Moving companies that transport household goods between states are required to have a tariff.  A tariff is a document that sets forth the rules a company will follow and the rates that a company will apply to all of its shipments.

This law firm offers two types of custom tariff preparation services to comply with the tariff requirement.  Both options comply with the law.  The EZ-Tariff solution is an automated process that is completed online by the client.  The Advanced-Tariff solution is handled directly between a transportation attorney and the moving company and allows for further customization.


Description EZ-Tariff Advanced-Tariff
Complies with the law Yes Yes
Enter your own rates Yes Yes
Rates are fully customizable No Yes
Basic packing materials Yes Yes
Advanced packing materials No Yes
Advanced provisions No Yes
Includes certificate Yes Yes
Attorney assistance No Yes
Automated process Yes No
Completed online Yes No
1 day turnaround Yes No
Price $950.00 Starts at $1,295.00
Buy Contact us to purchase. Contact the firm for a quote.


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With the EZ-Tariff solution, the client will be provided with a tariff questionnaire form to complete from their computer.  The questionnaire form asks for the name of the moving company, it's rates, packing charges, policies, and more.  Once the questions are submitted, the countdown begins and the firm begins converting the answers to a legal moving company tariff.  The answers provided by the client are used to create a custom tariff that is compliant with the USDOT regulations.  The custom tariff will include the information necessary for your moving company to comply with the law pertaining to household goods tariffs.


Once you answer the tariff questions, finalize your payment, and submit your answers to the firm, we will work to generate your custom tariff for you.  Your custom tariff will be formatted and sent to you via email as a pdf.  The custom tariff is normally sent to your email address within one (1) business day after you submit your answers.  Should you request it, we can also mail a copy of your tariff to you.


Purchase the EZ-Tariff for $950.00 and have your custom tariff delivered by the next business day.




While the EZ-Tariff provides all the necessary information required by the law for tariffs, some moving companies desire to structure their rates differently, to offer additional packing materials for sale, to charge fees for storage and other bulky items, or wish include additional company policies.  These companies desire the flexibility offered by the Advanced-Tariff.

Should you desire further customization with your custom tariff, or if you would like to include additional policies or formulate your rates in your custom tariff by a different method than what is provided by the EZ-Tariff, then you should contact the firm and we will work with you to create a custom tariff that fits your exact requirements.  In that case, you should use the form on the right side of the page to contact us, or call us at (877) 929-0123, so that we can discuss your custom tariff needs with you.


If you are not sure if the EZ-Tariff or the Advanced-Tariff is right for you, feel free to try the EZ-Tariff first. If you find that it does not meet your needs, you can upgrade to the Advanced-Tariff and just pay the difference in price.

Advanced-Tariff customizations start at $1,295.00.  Contact the firm today for a quote.




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David Piotrowski is a certified claims analyst, having successfully completed the American Moving and Storage Association's (AMSA) claims and arbitration program. In addition, Mr. Piotrowski is a member of the Transportation Lawyers Association, whose members include prominent transportation lawyers from throughout the country. Mr. Piotrowski is uniquely positioned to handle your transportation law matters as they pertain to the household goods moving industry.

Transportation Lawyer -- AMSA Certified Claims Analyst
Transportation Lawyer -- AMSA Certified Claims Analyst

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