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We evict tenants. We represent landlords only on eviction cases throughout the Santa Clarita Valley, San Fernando ValleyLos Angeles, San Gabriel ValleySanta Barbara CountyOrange County, Ventura County, and San Diego County. Is your tenant behind in the rent? Is the tenant violating a term of the rental agreement? Attorney Piotrowski is a published author on eviction matters and is ready to assist you in evicting your tenant. Once you have regained possession of the property, let us help you with collections. We offer a monthly service plan for landlords. We also offer an unbundled landlord legal services option for landlords that just need specific help in one area, but want to handle the case themselves. This option is good for a landlord who just wants help reviewing paperwork or drafting a notice. Evictions are our primary focus at the Law Office of David Piotrowski. Learn more.

We offer a monthly service plan for landlords. Do you want to have a lawyer available to answer your landlord-tenant questions on a regular basis via email? Do you want access to our forms library which includes many landlord/tenant form templates at 25% off the normal price? Our monthly plan for landlords may be the perfect fit for you! Learn more.

We provide landlord-friendly form templates to landlords. Interested in one of our landlord/tenant legal forms? Some are available for free. Others are available for a fee. See which landlord forms we offer. You can also order landlord forms.

We assist landlords with collecting on their money judgment. Getting the tenant evicted and out of the rental property is the first step. Oftentimes, the tenant will also owe the landlord past-due rent and holdover damages. If your tenant owes you money and you have received a money judgment against the tenant, we may be able to assist with collections if you know where the tenant works, their bank account details, and/or the address of where they moved to. Learn more.

We publish an extensive landlord blog. Our landlord blog has tons of information and provides answers on many topics relating to California landlord/tenant law. Read our California landlord blog and be sure to check back regularly for new articles.

We help landlords find qualified renters. Attorney Piotrowski is a California real estate broker. We help owners find qualified renters. We also assist property owners manage their rental properties to take the burden off the owner. We collect rents and respond to maintenance requests. We also help those looking to purchase or sell property. Contact us today for custom assistance. Learn more.

Let’s Talk

We offer landlords paid phone calls to discuss eviction matters and other landlord and tenant issues. You schedule the phone call at a time that is convenient to you and answer a few intake questions about the issue you are having with your tenant. We will review the form prior to our call and we will be ready to dive in and discuss together during the scheduled call without wasting a single minute.

Law Office of David Piotrowski

Clients Love the Law Office of David Piotrowski

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David is a top class attorney. He pays great attention to detail, is common sensed, and is very honest. His legal work is excellent. I had the judge at a trial I had even comment on how excellently written David’s 3 day notice, which was the primary reason for my winning the case. David also explains to his client each step of the way. You can’t go wrong with this guy.

The foregoing is a review from a client who used our services in the past. See more reviews for the Law Office of David Piotrowski. Our goal is to provide you with exceptional legal representation and support. We work hard on every matter to ensure it is done correctly and properly the first time. We promptly return client phone calls and emails. We will keep you informed throughout the status of your case. We want to provide the best legal services possible while keeping costs down and being fiscally responsible.

Representing the Needs of Landlords

We are the Law Office of David Piotrowski. Why choose us as your lawyer? Find out! The Law Office of David Piotrowski focuses on California evictions, representing only landlords. Mr. Piotrowski has been successfully representing landlords for over 18 years in all aspects of tenant evictions and against very aggressive tenant firms. View one of our sample eviction judgments and our Yelp reviews. David Piotrowski received a BA from UCLA and a JD from Southwestern University School of Law. Mr. Piotrowski is also a California real estate brokerLearn more about the Law Office of David Piotrowski.

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