Legal Reasons for Eviction under Los Angeles Rent Control

There are only 14 legal reasons for evicting a tenant under Los Angeles rent control. Thankfully, not all properties in Los Angeles are subject to rent control. However, many properties are under rent control in LA. (Read my earlier post on what properties are exempt from Los Angeles rent control.)

If you are in the unlucky situation where your property is subject to Los Angeles rent control, you may only evict your tenant for 14 reasons. Furthermore, these 14 legal reasons for eviction in Los Angeles can further be broken down into two categories: 1) tenant at-fault evictions, where the landlord does not have to pay the tenant money to move, and 2) tenant no-fault evictions, where the landlord must pay the tenant to move. The amount of money that a landlord must pay a tenant to move in a no-fault eviction increases every year.

The 14 reasons for eviction under Los Angeles rent control can be broken down as follows:

Tenant is at-fault (no relocation assistance needed):

  1. Failure to pay rent
  2. Violating the rental agreement
  3. Interfering with the comfort, safety, or enjoyment of other tenants or damaging the rental unit or property
  4. Using the rental unit or property for an illegal purpose
  5. Refusal to renew a lease of like terms and conditions
  6. Refusing the landlord reasonable access to the rental unit
  7. At the end of a lease term, the landlord discovers the tenant is not the person who initially rented the unit and the landlord didn’t approve this person’s tenancy
  8. The tenant has failed to temporarily relocate or honor a permanent relocation agreement as required by a Tenant Habitability Plan

Tenant no-fault (relocation assistance must be paid to the tenant):

  1. When the landlord wants the rental unit for his own use for the his family or for a resident manager
  2. When the landlord wants to remove the property from the rental market or demolish it
  3. When there is a government order to vacate
  4. When the landlord wants to convert the building for another use
  5. When the landlord wants to build Affordable housing Accommodations
  6. When the federal government is the owner and wants to sell the property

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