November 2015

Household Goods Tariff

Household goods tariff publishing services offered for moving companies.  Need to publish an interstate household goods tariff? Let us create and publish your tariff for you! Moving companies need to publish a household goods tariff in order to comply with federal law. If you transport household goods across state lines, you are subject to the FMCSA rules which …

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UD-100 Eviction Help for Los Angeles and Ventura Landlords

We are a full service law firm assisting landlords with UD-100 “Complaint – Unlawful Detainer” forms. Form UD-100 is the initial complaint form filed by Los Angeles and Ventura county landlords in order to begin an unlawful detainer eviction case. Landlords will file UD-100 Unlawful Detainer Complaint at the proper courthouse along with other initial pleading …

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