24 Hour Notice Required for Landlord to Enter Residential Property in California


When a landlords needs to enter a residential unit for some reason, in most cases, reasonable notice must be given to the tenant prior to the entry.  This reasonable notice must be in writing and express the landlord’s intention of entering the property.  The notice must include the date, approximate time of the intended entry, and the purpose of the entry.  Furthermore, the entry needs to be during normal business hours.

Absent contradictory evidence, 24 hour notice is presumed to be reasonable.  Therefore, landlords seeking to enter a residential unit in California should in most cases provide the tenant with at least 24 hour notice.  The 24 hour notice should be posted on the door or given to someone of a suitable age at the property, or mailed to the tenant.  If mailed, then 24 hours notice is no longer applicable.  Mailing the notice at least six days before the intended entry is presumed to be reasonable.

We offer a 24 hour notice template [pdf] for landlords to download.

No notice is required if the landlord needs to enter for an emergency or if the tenant is present and consents, or after the tenant has abandoned or surrendered the unit.

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