Residential 3 Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit – Los Angeles County

A “3 Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit”  is the first step in evicting a tenant who has failed to pay the rent on time.  The 3 Day Notice is an absolute prerequisite for an eviction in Los Angeles county that is based on non-payment of rent.  Furthermore, the landlord and tenant may NOT  contract away the 3 Day Notice requirement.  Any provision in the rental agreement that says a 3 Day Notice is not needed is unenforceable.

While service of the 3 Day Notice in Los Angeles may terminate the tenant’s right of possession, and thus the lease, it does not itself relieve the breaching tenant of the unexpired lease obligations.  However, possession will only be restored to the landlord when the landlord takes action by going to court, or the tenant voluntarily moves.

Later posts will provide further details into 3 Day Notices in Los Angeles, including content of the 3 Day Notice and service of the 3 Day Notice in Los Angeles county.

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