AB1482 Eviction Exemptions


This video discusses exemptions to AB1482, commonly known as the Tenant Protection Act of 2019.

As background, AB1482 was brought about by the democratic-controlled California government and was signed by Governor Newsom in October of 2019. AB1482 takes effect on January 1, 2020.

This video outlines exemptions to the AB1482 rules. If your rental property does not fall into an exemption to AB1482, then your property is not exempt from the just-cause eviction requirements under AB1482, and you must have a specific reason for the eviction known as “just-cause.” However, if your rental property falls within an exemption to AB1482, then you do not have to have a just-cause reason for the eviction. If your rental property is already subject to another rent control law, though, such as the Los Angeles Rent Stabilization Ordinance (RSO), then those rules still apply.

Some of the most common exemptions to AB1482 are discussed in this video, and include properties that are less than 15 years old, single family homes that are owned by individuals, duplexes where the owner/landlord lived in one of the units at the beginning of the tenancy and continued to live in the unit throughout the tenancy, and homes in which the owner/landlord shares kitchen or bathroom facilities with the tenant.

If the rental property is not exempt from AB1482 just-cause eviction protections, then just-cause eviction protections take effect when the tenant has resided in the property for 12 months.

We also publish a video on AB1482 and eviction just-cause.

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