Arcadia Eviction Attorney for Landlords


Are you a landlord in Arcadia in need of a professional and competent eviction attorney? The Law Office of David Piotrowski represents landlords in Arcadia and can assist you with an eviction in Arcadia and the San Gabriel Valley.

This firm can assist the landlord with:

  • Preparing and serving a 3 Day Notice on the Arcadia tenant;
  • Drafting the summons and complaint and filing with the court;
  • Preparing a “prejudgment claim” to remove any unknown tenants that may be occupying the unit;
  • Obtaining a default judgment if the tenant does not fight the case;
  • Responding and fighting the case if the Arcadia tenant disputes the eviction;
  • If a judgment is received for possession, we will prepare and submit the appropriate documents to the sheriff;
  • The sheriff will then remove the tenant from the property;
  • We may be able to obtain a money judgment as well.

For additional information on Arcadia evictions, and if you are a landlord, please contact the Law Office of David Piotrowski for a free consultation on your Arcadia eviction case.

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