Bad Roommate Situation in California? Need to Evict?

The high cost of living in the Los Angeles area causes many people to search for a roommate. Many roommate situations end with no problems. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Many people find a “stranger” as a roommate, only to conclude after the roommate moves in, that the living arrangement is not going to work. The roommate needs to be evicted in Los Angeles. What can you do?

Los Angeles roommates generally fall into two (2) categories:

  1. All the roommates are on the contract with the landlord.
  2. The roommate has a contract with the other roommate. Only one roommate has a contract with the landlord.

Scenario 1

You should communicate with the landlord and inform him/her about the problem with the roommate. The landlord might be able to step in and help. Depending on how the rental agreement is worded, it may or may not be possible to remove one of the roommates. The landlord would be the plaintiff in the event that an eviction of the roommate is necessary.

Scenario 2

Hopefully, the Los Angeles roommate informed the landlord and received the landlord’s consent before getting a roommate. If not, the person who got the roommate can get in trouble from the landlord. The roommate who entered into an agreement with the “bad” roommate in Los Angeles would likely be the plaintiff if an eviction case is needed.

Under roommate scenario’s in Los Angeles, scenario 1 is usually the best choice for landlords wishing to rent out a home to multiple people.

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