California 3 Day Notice, 3 Day Notice Form


California 3 Day Notice

The California 3 Day Notice is the form that landlords use in California when they want to evict a tenant because the tenant is doing something that they are not supposed to be doing under the rental agreement.

For example, a California 3 day notice might be used if the tenant stops paying rent. Another reason why a California 3 day notice will be used is if the tenant is violation a term of the rental agreement (such as smoking when the lease prohibits smoking). Yet another reason why a California 3 day notice might be used is if the tenant is damaging the property or causing a nuisance.

It’s very important to realize that even though a California 3 day notice is used to begin the termination of tenancy process in each of the above scenarios, there is a different type of California 3 day notice to be used in each scenario, which means the landlord must make sure to use the correct type of 3 day notice form depending on the circumstances of the case.

For example:

  1. California 3 Day Notice under CCP 1161(2) used for a 3 day pay or quit. This is used when the tenant is not paying rent.
  2. California 3 Day Notice under CCP 1161(3) for a 3 day cure or quit. Use this version of the California 3 day notice when the tenant is violating a term of the agreement, such as smoking.
  3. California 3 Day Notice under CCP 1161(4) for a 3 day notice to quite California form. This California 3 day notice form is used if the tenant is a nuisance.
3 day notice form

California 3 Day Notice

3 Day Notice Form

It is crucial that the 3 day notice form be filled out correctly.   An incorrect 3 day notice form could invalidate your entire eviction, costing you more time and money because you would have to start the process over from the beginning, starting with a new 3 day notice form. Whether you decide to create and serve your own 3 day notice form or if you decide to hire an attorney to prepare the 3 day notice form for you, make sure it is done correctly.

Need Help with a California 3 Day Notice?

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