California 30 Day or 60 Day Notice to Quit


A California landlord can use a 30-day notice to end a month-to-month tenancy if the California tenant has been renting for less than a year. A California landlord should use a 60-day notice if the tenant has been renting for a year or more and the landlord wants the tenant to move out.

The notice must:

  • Be in writing;
  • Say the full name of the tenant or tenants;
  • Have the address of the rental property;
  • Say that the month-to-month tenancy will end in 30 days if the landlord is giving a 30-day notice or in 60 days if he or she is giving a 60-day notice, and
  • Be signed by the landlord or his or her agent and state the date of the notice.

Caution: In rent-controlled cities, a landlord cannot cancel a month-to-month tenancy for just any reason. The landlord must find out if the unit is in a rent-controlled city, and if so,whether he or she has the right to evict the tenant.

Update 06/29/12: Purchase and download a 30/60 Day Notice to Terminate Tenancy.

If the tenant is violating the lease, then the California landlord should not use a 30 or 60 day notice.  Rather, a California landlord should prepare and serve a 3 Day Notice:

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