CCP 1170.5 Unlawful Detainer Trial Date in California

California Code of Civil Procedure 1170.5, also known as CCP 1170.5, describes the time frame for when the court is supposed to schedule a trial for unlawful detainer.

CCP 1170.5 (a) reads:

(a) If the defendant appears pursuant to Section 1170, trial of the proceeding shall be held not later than the 20th day following the date that the request to set the time of the trial is made…

In plain English, this means that when the plaintiff/landlord files a request for a trial in an unlawful detainer eviction case, CCP 1170.5 says that the court shall schedule the trial to take place no later than the 20th day after the request for a trial is submitted by the plaintiff/landlord.

This is a fast process, as most types of court cases take much longer to go to trial. CCP 1170.5 is one of the few “good” things for landlords, as it helps ensure an unlawful detainer trial will be heard quickly. Of course, there are other circumstances that may delay the trial. These will be discussed in other posts.

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