CM 010, LA CIV 109, SUM 130, UD 100 – Los Angeles Unlawful Detainer


CM 010, LA CIV 109, SUM 130, UD 100… do these forms sound familiar? Each of these forms must be filed by the landlord to initiate an unlawful detainer eviction case in Los Angeles.

A brief overview of each form:

CM 010 – This is the civil case cover sheet and must be filed with the other initiating papers at the time the case is filed with the Los Angeles court. It classifies the type of civil case.

LA CIV 109 – This is the civil case cover sheet addendum and is only used in Los Angeles County. It provides more statistical data about the case and is used to ensure that the case is filed at the correct courthouse within Los Angeles county.

SUM 130 – This is the court summons notifying the tenant that he is being sued and telling him what he needs to do to defend his case.

UD 100 – This is the unlawful detainer eviction complaint. The complaint outlines the terms of the rental agreement and provides the reason(s) why the landlord wants to evict the tenant.

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