Common Three Day Notice Mistakes in Eviction Cases


Landlords who make mistakes with the 3 day notice may render the notice ineffective and cause the landlord to lose the entire unlawful detainer eviction case. Correct 3 day notices are crucial for the landlord’s eviction case. Many landlords try to save money by creating and serving the 3 day notice without the help of experienced counsel. This is not advised. Common mistakes with the 3 day notice include the following:

  • Too much rent is demanded in the notice
  • Late charges, interest, and damages were requested, when they were not owed
  • Service of the notice was done incorrectly
  • The rent demanded exceeds 1 year
  • The notice lists incorrect names or property address
  • The notice does not specify how or to whom to pay (if based on a three day notice to pay or quit)
  • The notice does not include a description of what needs to be cured or fixed

Don’t risk losing an eviction case because of a defective 3 day notice. Hire legal counsel to create and serve your 3 day notice correctly.

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