COVID-19 Landlord and Tenant Forms for California


The state of California and many local jurisdictions within the state have imposed strict eviction moratoriums on landlords. As of April 6, 2020, the Judicial Council of California placed an almost 100% delay on all evictions statewide. Tenants are still responsible for paying rent, but many jurisdictions are deferring rent payments, allowing tenants to pay the past-due rent to the landlord within several months after the coronavirus pandemic ends. Each jurisdiction sets their own repayment rules. Essentially, government is placing the burden on landlords.

Now more than ever, landlords should be creating good written documents with their tenants. Some jurisdictions, such as the City of Los Angeles, require a landlord to provide written notice to a tenant of their rights to defer rent. Some jurisdictions ask a tenant to provide documentation to their landlord showing that the reason for the non-payment is related to COVID-19. (Unfortunately for landlords, the City of Los Angeles does not require a tenant to provide such proof to a landlord, which is leading to many false claims, but the landlord has no ability to dispute the claim at this time.)

To assist landlords, the Law Office of David Piotrowski has created several interactive COVID-19 landlord and tenant forms. The forms are reasonably priced with the goal of having as many landlords as possible use these forms to protect what little rights landlords have. Many of the forms make clear that the landlord is not waiving any rent, and that the tenant will ultimately be responsible for paying the rent.

Create and Download COVID-19 Landlord and Tenant Forms for California

The following are coronavirus landlord and tenant forms. The forms are fully automatic. As a landlord, you simply enter the relevant details into the form builder, make your payment, and then you’ll be able to immediately download and use the form. These are one-time use forms to use for a specific tenant at a specific rental property. If you want a PDF form template that you can use on multiple tenants, see below.

  • Notice of Tenant Rights re COVID-19 – This form is $50. It provides written notice to a tenant, informing the tenant of their rights related to deferment of rent. Some jurisdictions, such as the City of Los Angeles, require a landlord to provide written notice to the tenant. Los Angeles Municipal Code section 49.99.2(E) states, “An Owner shall given written notice of the protections afforded by this article within 30 days of its effective date.” Failure to provide notice may result in penalties.”
  • Partial (or Zero) Rent Payment Receipt – This form is $50. If a tenant makes a partial rent payment (or no payment) because they informed the landlord in writing (most jurisdictions require that a tenant notify a landlord within 7 days of the rent becoming due that the reason for the partial or non-payment was due to COVID-19), the landlord should send the tenant written notification that a partial (or zero) payment was received, spell out the time period for which the tenant has to repay all rent, and make it clear that the landlord is not agreeing to waive the rent. The rent will still be due, just at a later date.
  • Notice to Tenant Requesting Documentation – This form is $50. Many jurisdictions (except the City of Los Angeles) ask a tenant to provide written substantiation that the reason for their non-payment has to do with COVID-19. This form requests that the tenant provide such documentation to the landlord. Specifically in Los Angeles, though, tenants are not required to provide this documentation to the landlord at the time the rent is due.

Unsure about what form or forms you should use, or what the current laws are in your jurisdiction? Schedule a paid, 15 minute call with us.

Coronavirus Multiple-Use PDF Form Templates for Landlords

Instead of a complete, fully-automated and ready-to-use form, do you prefer a PDF template that you can download, fill out manually, and use on multiple tenants? Each multi-use form template is $125. Make your payment here, and in the payment description, be sure to let us know which form you would like. If you are ordering two forms, the cost is $250. Three forms is $375. Once you make the payment, we will email you a PDF of your form template within one business day. You are free to reuse the form on multiple tenants.

Covid-19 California Landlord Resources

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