Defenses under Los Angeles Rent Control


In addition to the regular eviction defenses that a tenant may raise, residential units that fall under Los Angeles rent control have additional defenses that may be applicable.  If a tenant raises a defense under Los Angeles rent control, the landlord will have to refute it and/or show that the defense does not apply.

Here are some common Los Angeles rent control defenses:

  • Excessive rent – The collection of rent over and above the amount authorized by the city’s rent ceiling may be a defense to an eviction in Los Angeles based on non-payment of rent.
  • Retaliation – A defense exists under Los Angeles rent control if the purpose of the eviction is to retaliate for the tenant’s assertion of a legal right.
  • Unit not registered – A defense may apply if the unit is not registered.
  • Relocation assistance not paid – This may be a defense to Los Angeles rent control in some circumstances.
  • “Catch-all” defense – Los Angeles rent control is so tenant-biased that it even has a provision that any failure by landlords to comply with the Los Angeles rent control laws may be a defense to an eviction.

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