Evict a Tenant in Pasadena

Do you need to evict a tenant in Pasadena, California? Let us help! Evicting a tenant in Pasadena can be a tricky process because of California’s tenant-friendly laws. We know the process and procedure for evicting a tenant in Pasadena.

Whether or not you have a written rental agreement with your Pasadena tenant, you may need to evict your tenant for any number of reasons, which may include:

  • Your Pasadena tenant did not pay the rent
  • The tenant is violating a term of your agreement (for example, smoking when the rental agreement does not allow smoking)
  • The tenant is subleasing the property without permission
  • The tenant is damaging the property
  • Your Pasadena tenant is creating a nuisance

There are many reasons why a landlord may need to evict a tenant in Pasadena. The above list is only a sampling of possible reasons. If you are unsure whether or not you have a legal basis for evicting your Pasadena tenant, contact us. We can review your case and provide you with a free consultation. Our goal is provide the landlord with the best service possible in evicting Pasadena tenants.

For help with a Pasadena eviction, contact the Law Office of David Piotrowski today at (877) 875-6958.

We have Chinese speakers available to assist clients.

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