Evicting a Tenant in Santa Clarita and Valencia


As a landlord, are you having trouble with a tenant in Santa Clarita or one of the surrounding communities? This video discusses common reasons for evicting a tenant in Santa Clarita. Our firm represents landlords only, and we are local.

Santa Clarita Landlord Eviction Attorney

The most common reasons for evicting a tenant in Santa Clarita and Valencia, include:

  1. Non-payment of rent
  2. Violating a term of the rental agreement
  3. Assigning or subleasing
  4. Causing a nuisance or damaging the property

If your Santa Clarita tenant is at-fault by doing any of the above, contact us for information on beginning the eviction process. Landlords needing help with an eviction in the Santa Clarita area can contact theĀ Law Office of David Piotrowski.

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