Evicting Section 8 Tenant in Los Angeles


Evicting a Section 8 tenant in Los Angeles? If you are a landlord in Los Angeles needing to evict a Section 8 tenant, we can help. During the term of the Section 8 tenancy, landlords may only evict the Section 8 tenant for “good cause,” meaning:

  • Serious or repeated violations of the lease terms
  • Violation of law

After the Section 8 tenancy term expires, the landlord may evict the Section 8 tenant using similar methods as any other type of tenancy. The landlord must provide a copy of the eviction and termination of tenancy paperwork to Section 8.

If the landlord decides not to renew the Section 8 contact, then normally the tenant has the right to receive a 90 day notice of nonrenewal.

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