Eviction Attorney for Van Nuys and Surrounding Communities


Are you a landlord in Van Nuys in need of an eviction attorney?  My office assists landlords in Van Nuys.  Many times, it is necessary to remove an uncooperative tenant, because the tenant failed to pay the rent when due, is violating a term of the agreement, or has overstayed the lease expiration.

The Van Nuys eviction process begins when you contact my office.  We will serve the appropriate termination notice on the tenant and then file and proceed with the Van Nuys eviction process through the court system.  My office will normally file the appropriate notice on the Van Nuys tenant within 1 business day.  Our goal is to act swiftly and seek to remove the Van Nuys tenant as soon as possible.

For help with a Van Nuys evictioncontact the Law Office of David Piotrowski today.

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