Eviction Courts in Los Angeles Are Becoming More Tenant Friendly

Courts in Los Angeles are becoming more tenant friendly. For example, in order to serve a tenant with an unlawful detainer eviction, the landlord is required to make several attempts to personally serve the tenant. If the tenant cannot be personally served, then the landlord has a few substitute methods to effectively serve the tenant. Until recently, these substitute methods allowed the landlord to not only serve the named tenant, but also any “unknown person(s)” who might be living at the property without the knowledge or consent of the landlord. This is no longer the case.

Several Los Angeles courts are now telling landlords that they cannot serve any “unknown person(s)” at the property if they are unable to personally serve the named tenant. This makes no sense and makes it easier for a tenant to delay the eviction case or for a third party to come forward and claim that they are a tenant at the property.

Nevertheless, landlords must deal with this issue and it is more important than ever to make sure the tenant is served properly with the unlawful detainer eviction in Los Angeles.

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