Eviction Delays in Los Angeles


Since the new Los Angeles Superior Court eviction changes took place earlier this year, this law office has seen many changes taking place. This post will highlight some of those changes:

  1. Litigants, both plaintiff and defendants, are sometimes having to travel much farther to reach the courthouse.
  2. Some court houses are better than others. You do not get to choose what courthouse will hear your case. The court location is determined by the zip code where the property is located. Use this chart to find the Los Angeles eviction court location.
  3. Delays are occurring everywhere. Requests for default, trial requests, requests to serve the court paperwork by posting and mailing, motions, and many other areas of landlord/tenant litigation, are being delayed more and more.
  4. The courts are increasingly picky on minor errors/mistakes with the paperwork. A very small error may cause your paperwork to be rejected, meaning it will delay the case and you will have to refile the document.
  5. Read David Piotrowski’s “Landlord Best Practices and Eviction Overview” book. If you need help with an eviction, contact us today.

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