Evictions Based on Non-Permitted Units in California


I’ve been seeing a lot of evictions based on non-permitted units in California. If the unit is non-permitted, it raises many issues that could otherwise be avoided in an unlawful detainer case. If the unit is illegal, such as a non-permitted garage conversion or guest house, the unit should never be rented. If you do rent the non-permitted unit, you risk government fines and violations, in addition to making it more difficult to “win” an eviction case. If you hire competent legal counsel, there’s a good chance you will recover possession of the non-permitted unit (after all, the unit is illegal and should never have been rented in the first place), but at what cost? My law firm has seen great success in evicting tenants from non-permitted units in California.

If the subject property falls under the jurisdiction of a rent-controlled area, the consequences for renting a unit that was illegal or not properly permitted can be even more dire. The owner may be required to pay relocation expenses to the tenant, which could sometimes exceed $18,000.

Since the unit is non-permitted, an eviction may be able to be based on a 3 day notice to quit.

The Law Office of David Piotrowski represents landlords throughout southern California and can assist with a tenant eviction.

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Update: We can no longer assist landlords who rent out an illegal unit.

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