Factors to Consider When Screening a Tenant in California


Rental PropertyScreening prospective tenants is not a difficult task, nor is it extremely cumbersome or time-consuming. Yet, many landlords do not screen their tenants. Failing to screen a tenant is the same thing as entering into a business relationship blindly, based solely on faith. It is not a wise decision to agree to rent to a tenant without proper screening.

This article will provide a list of factors that should be considered when screening tenants, as well as outline a few things that should not be considered during the screening process.


  • Relating to the tenant’s ability to pay the rent on time.
  • Whether the tenant will take care of the property.
  • Whether the tenant will avoid interfering with the rights of neighbors and other tenants.
  • Whether the tenant will abide by the HOA rules, house rules, and other obligations.
  • About the tenant’s previous home.
  • About obtaining 2 or 3 references.
  • About the tenant’s employer.
  • About the tenant’s employment and sources of income.
  • About permission to obtain a copy of the tenant’s credit report.
  • About the tenant’s rental history.


  • That would be considered discriminatory.
  • Relating to marital status.
  • Relating to a disability.
  • Regarding sexual orientation.

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