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How to Evict a Tenant in Fillmore

Evicting a tenant in Fillmore involves several steps. Contact us for further assistance and details.

  1. Create and serve a notice of termination of tenancy.

    Why do you want to evict a tenant in Fillmore? Is it because of non-payment of rent, lease violations, because you want to move in to to the property yourself? The reason for the Fillmore eviction will determine the type of notice that needs to be created and served on the Fillmore tenant.

  2. Wait for the notice period to expire.

    Once the notice of termination of tenancy is served on the Fillmore tenant, you have to wait the required number of days to see whether or not the tenant complies with the notice. If the tenant complies, there is nothing else to do! If the tenant fails to comply, then once the notice period has expired, it is time to begin the formal eviction process.

  3. Create the Fillmore eviction documents.

    These are the court documents that need to be filed when beginning a new eviction case against the Fillmore tenant.

  4. File the Fillmore eviction documents with the court.

    The court in Ventura will assign a case number and stamp your documents.

  5. Serve the Fillmore tenant with the eviction documents.

    This is when the Fillmore tenant will officially receive the eviction documents.

  6. Wait the required number of days to see if the Fillmore tenant decides to fight the case.

    If the tenant does not fight the Fillmore eviction case, request a default judgment. If the tenant fights the case, respond accordingly.

  7. Assuming you receive a judgment in your favor…

    Obtain a Writ of Possession and deliver the paperwork to the sheriff. The sheriff will schedule a lockout date. You’ll meet the sheriff at the lockout and that is when you’ll regain possession of your Fillmore rental property.

FAQ on Fillmore Eviction Cases

How long does a Fillmore eviction case take?

This depends on court and sheriff processing times, whether the tenant attempts to evade the server, and whether the tenant contests the case. The quickest Fillmore eviction case normally takes about a month and a half assuming the tenant does not fight the case and court and sheriff backlogs are at a minimum. An eviction in Fillmore can take considerably longer if the tenant fights the case.

What court handles evictions in Fillmore?

The court located in Ventura, CA.

Does the Law Office of David Piotrowski handle evictions in Fillmore?

Yes. Schedule a call with the Law Office of David Piotrowski to discuss.

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