Free California Landlord Forms and Free Eviction Notice


This law office offers several free California landlord forms, including a free eviction notice, available for use by California landlords. Some forms require a minimal payment, while other forms are completely free and available for immediate download. Get your free eviction notice pdf documents by clicking on the links below. For a full list of free California landlord forms that we offer, click here.

Here are some of the free California landlord forms available for your immediate use:

  • 24 Hour Notice to Inspect/Make Repairs [pdf] – A landlord may enter a property in case of emergency, to show the property to new tenants or purchasers, to make repairs, to supply necessary services, to inspect a waterbed, when the tenant has abandoned or surrendered the property, by court order, or by mutual agreement.  Free California landlord form.
  • Landlord/Tenant Checklist [pdf] – This form should be filled out at move-in and move-out, to be used to assist in determining the condition of the premises and for security deposit purposes. Free California landlord form.
  • Security Deposit Itemization at End of Lease [pdf] – At the end of the lease, landlords are required to provide a security deposit itemization, along with a refund of any security deposit, if any, within 21 days. Free California landlord form.
  • Landlord Initial Inspection Notice at End of Lease [pdf] – Landlords are required to notify the tenant of their right to request an initial inspection of the property before the tenant vacates.  This notice provides the requisite language to the tenant. Free California landlord form.
  • Eviction Flow Chart [jpg] – A visual representation of the California evictions process. Free California landlord form.

The following California landlord forms are not free but are available for a small fee by contacting us:

In addition to the above free California landlord forms, this law office offers many more forms as well.

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