Household Good Moving Company Resources by State


My firm represents interstate household goods moving companies.  We publish household goods tariffs, create custom moving forms, and more.  Every once in a while, we get asked about state licensing resources for those moving companies wishing to only transport goods intrastate (within a single state).  For example, a moving company may only wish to operate within the state of California, performing only local moves, or moves between Los Angeles and San Francisco.  If the moving company is transporting household goods intrastate only, then they may need a state household goods license.

The FMCSA publishes  a list of state resources for intrastate moving companies here:


Search Moving Resources in your State


The Law Office of David Piotrowski has been publishing interstate household goods tariffs for years and can publish your tariff and customize it to fit your needs.

For help in publishing a household goods tariff, visit the tariff publishing page.

For more blog entries on household goods transportation issues, click this link:

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