Household Goods Binding Estimate – Additional Provisions


I discussed household goods binding estimates in detail in a previous post here.  In this article, I offer advice on additional provisions that should be included in household goods binding estimates as a good practice:

  1. Household goods binding estimates should state the amount of time that the estimate will remain in effect and when it will become void;
  2. Household goods binding estimates should be clear in stating what it does and does not include and leave no ambiguity;
  3. Household goods binding estimates should indicate that the binding estimate can be revised by mutual consent between the moving company and the shipper;
  4. Household goods binding estimates should include a provision allowing the moving company to revise the binding estimate if the origin, destination, or size of shipment changes, so long as the household goods moving company makes the revision prior to loading or picking up the shipment;
  5. Household goods binding estimates should say that any services that are not included in the binding estimate, but are either requested by the customer or necessary to finish the job, will be charged to the customer at the tariff prices in effect at the time of pickup.
This law office can create a binding estimate template for your use.

For more information on HHG binding estimates, read this article on binding estimates.

The Law Office of David Piotrowski has been publishing interstate household goods tariffs for years and can publish your tariff and customize it to fit your needs.

For help in publishing a household goods tariff, visit the tariff publishing page.

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