Household Goods Tariff Publishing for Moving Company


Let us help you publish your household goods tariff.

Moving companies that transport household goods between states are required to have a tariff.  A tariff is a document that sets forth the rules a company will follow and the rates that a company will apply to all of its shipments.

With out tariff solution, the client will be provided with a tariff questionnaire form to complete.  The questionnaire form asks for the name of the moving company, it’s rates, packing charges, policies, and more.  Once the questions are returned to us, we will begin creating your very own custom tariff. Your tariff will be compliant with USDOT regulations.

Publishing a household goods tariff is a requirement of federal law. Failure to publish a household goods tariff can result in severe penalties, which could include monetary fines and even revocation of your operating authority.

Household Goods Tariff Publishing

Contact us today to learn how we can help you publish your household goods tariff.

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