Household Goods Tariff


Need a household goods tariff?  Federal law requires all interstate household goods moving companies maintain and publish a tariff.  The Law Office of David Piotrowski can create your tariff for you.  Are you complying with federal law?  Portions of the federal law relating to tariff publishing states:

[Carriers] may provide transportation or service for movements of household goods only if the rates, and related rules and practices, for such transportation or service are contained in a published tariff that is in effect under this section. The carrier may not charge or receive a different compensation for the transportation or service than the rate specified in the tariff, whether by returning a part of that rate to a person, by giving a person a privilege, by allowing the use of a facility that affects the value of that transportation or service, or through another device. Tariffs shall be published in the English language and rates shall be stated in money of the United States.

Tariffs maintained pursuant to this part must be available for inspection by the Board, and must be provided to the Board promptly and free of charge, upon request, by mail or other delivery service.

For help in publishing a household goods tariff, visit the tariff publishing page.

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