Illegal Garage Rent Unit in Los Angeles and Southern California


In an earlier blog post, I discussed Evicting Tenants from Illegal Garage Conversions in Southern California.

California landlords should never be renting out an illegal garage conversion.  To do so subjects the California landlord to the possibility of liability and having to pay the tenant to move, in addition to possible action by local government agencies.

My firm has been receiving a lot of illegal garage conversion cases during the past several months.  My office will work with the landlord and attempt to reach the most fair and amicable result as possible in evicting the tenant quickly and efficiently.  However, the landlord must understand that they should never have rented out the illegal garage conversion in the first place, and they may be required to pay some sort of fees/fines.

If you are a landlord and require assistance in evicting a tenant from an illegal garage conversion, contact us today for help.

The Law Office of David Piotrowski represents landlords throughout southern California and can assist with a tenant eviction.

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Update: We can no longer assist landlords who rent out an illegal unit.

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