As of July 2022, Tenant Protections Remain in Effect in LA City/County

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Summary: Contrary to what many may tell you, as of July 2022, there are still many COVID tenant protections in effect in both LA city and LA county. Both the LA City Council and the LA County Board of Supervisors have decided to leave several tenant protections in place. These protections have been in effect in some version since 2020 and remain in effect even though restrictions at the state level have mainly expired.

LA City COVID Eviction Protections as of July 2022

The LA City Eviction Moratorium has been in effect since early 2020 and we do not know when the LA City Eviction Moratorium will expire because the expiration of the LA City Eviction Moratorium is tied to the end of the local emergency period as declared by the mayor. The LA city eviction moratorium applies to all no-fault evictions, some at-fault evictions, and evictions related to non-payment of rent if the reason for not paying is related to COVID. Regarding non-payment cases, the tenant is not required to initially provide any proof to the landlord that they have been impacted by COVID. The moratorium applies to both residential and commercial rental units.

LA County COVID Eviction Protections as of July 2022

The name of the LA County Eviction Moratorium has been changed to the Tenant Protections Resolution. Whatever you decide to call it, the LA County Eviction Moratorium severely restricts the ability of a landlord to evict a tenant in many types of circumstances. Under the terms of the LA County Eviction Moratorium, almost all no-fault evictions are not allowed, with the one exception being if the landlord or the landlord’s immediate family member wants to move in (albeit with several restrictions and limitations). Some at-fault evictions remain protected from eviction. Also, as a July 2022, tenants get more protection from eviction if the reason for eviction is due to non-payment of rent. During what LA county calls “Phase 2” of the protections, a tenant need only “self-certify” that 1) they have financial hardship due to COVID, and 2) they are at or below 80% of the Area Median Income (AMI). Phase 2 is in effect through the end of 2022. The LA County Eviction Moratorium currently applies to only residential properties, as commercial properties lost protection earlier this year.

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