LA County to Provide Grants to Qualified Landlords

LA County Landlord COVID Funding Grants

LA County will be providing $68,666,000 in grants to qualified landlords in LA county to help them mitigate tenant COVID-related non-payment of rent.


Good news for landlords! LA County will be providing $68,666,000 in grants to qualified landlords in LA county. This financial assistance will be to assist landlords whose tenants failed to pay rent during COVID. Landlords who receive the grants from LA county may use the funds to cover eligible expenses incurred from April 1, 2022 to date on a rolling basis. LA county says that “eligible expenses include qualifying unpaid rental debt and any other substantiated related expenses, such as utilities.” Landlords who qualify can receive up to $30,000 per unit.

Who is Eligible?

To be eligible for a grant, the following requirements must be met:

  • Individuals, group, or corporate entities can apply
  • Property must be located in LA county, but EXCLUDING the city of LA
  • Rental unit must STILL be occupied by the impacted tenant

Who Will Receive Priority?

Not all applications will be treated with the same priority. Priority consideration will be based on the following (non-exhaustive) list:

  • The geographic location of the rental property. Using this link, landlords whose rental unit is located within the “high” and “highest” need areas will have a higher priority to receiving funds.
  • Those who are considered low income will have priority in funding, defined as those who have a household income of 80% or below of the LA county Area Median Income (AMI).
  • Landlords who can fully satisfy the tenant’s rental debt for the eligible period upon receipt of the grant will have a higher priority in receiving funds compared to landlords who cannot fully satisfy such debt on acceptance of the funds.
  • Landlords who own no more than four rental units will receive a higher priority in receiving the grant, compared to larger landlords.

When is the Application Period?

LA county will begin accepting applications on December 12, 2023. The deadline to submit applications is January 12, 2024. Learn more at

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