LAMC 165.05: Required Los Angeles Renter Protections Notice

As of January 27, 2023, there is a new required Los Angeles renter protections notice that must be provided to residential tenants.

If you have been reading this blog, you’ll know that the city of Los Angeles has been on a rampage against landlords, creating many new anti-landlord rules. These LA city rules include imposing just cause eviction restrictions on properties that have historically been exempt from rent control, forcing landlords to pay tenants who decide to move after receiving certain rent increase notices, and disallowing non-payment of rent evictions until a tenant owes more than one month of the fair market rent.

This article will discuss another new rule that the LA city council has imposed on landlords who rent residential properties within the city of LA. LA city ordinance 187737 mandates landlords to provide residential tenants with a required notice of tenant protections.

LAMC 165.05 Notice to Residential Tenants in Los Angeles

LAMC 165.05 says, in relevant part:

A. A landlord of residential real property subject to this Article shall provide notice of the protections of this Article as follows:

(1) For any tenancy commenced or renewed on or after the effective date of this Article as a written notice to the tenant.

(2) The landlord shall post a notification in a form prescribed by the Department in an accessible common area of the property.

LAMC 165.05(A)

This means whenever a landlord in the city of Los Angeles creates or renews a tenancy after January 27, 2023, the landlord is required to provide the new notice to the tenant. The notice explains the new tenant rights in the city of LA. The landlord in the city of LA must post the notice in a common area of the property. This notice must even be posted at single family residences.

How to Obtain a Copy of the Required Notice?

It is very easy to obtain a copy of the LA renter protections notice.

Download a Copy of the Los Angeles Renter Protections Notice from the Law Office of David Piotrowski

The LA renter protections notice can be downloaded here (pdf).

Download a Copy of the Los Angeles Renter Protections Notice from the City of LA

The LA renter protections notice can also be downloaded from the city website here (pdf).

What if the Landlord Fails to Provide the Notice to the Tenant?

LAMC 165.07 lists the possible consequences if a landlord fails to comply with the new rules, including the rule to provide the notice to the tenant and to post the notice at the Los Angeles residential rental property.

In any action by a landlord to recover possession of residential real property, the tenant may raise as an affirmative defense the failure of the landlord to comply with this Article…Violations of this Article shall be a misdemeanor.

LAMC 165.07

So the bottom line is, landlords in the city of LA must provide the notice as required hereunder and as outlined in Ordinance 187737.

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