Landlords to Receive Relief Funds from LA City and LA County?

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In recent moves by both the LA City Council and the LA County Board of Supervisors, action is being taken to create relief funds to pay landlords that have been hit hard by government policies during COVID that have allowed tenants to defer rent under terms of an eviction moratorium. If enacted, these landlord relief funds could provide much needed help to struggling landlords.

LA County “Landlord and Tenant Relief Fund”

In a motion from January 24, 2023, by Supervisors Kathryn Barger and Holly Mitchell, the Board of Supervisors will look to identify and allocate at least $45 million dollars to establish a new relief program for mom-and-pop property owners to provide up to $30,000 per rental unit directly to landlords. Landlords would need to agree that the acceptance of funds means the tenants cannot be evicted for nonpayment of rent.

“In some cases, extending renter protections has had a negative impact on property owners, and we can’t continue extending emergency tenant protections at their expense,” said Barger.

While this could provide much needed assistance to LA county mom and pop landlords who have been truly harmed by the LA county eviction moratorium’s one-sided laws, it is unclear what would happen if the tenant owes rent that exceeds $30,000. Would the landlord have to waive their right to file an eviction case for the balance of unpaid rent if they accept these funds? Before accepting any LA county landlord and tenant relief funds, landlords should read the rules very carefully.

LA City “Small Housing Provider Assistance Program”

In a motion from January 31, 2023, the LA City Council is looking to establish a minimum $10 million Small Housing Provider Assistance Program to provide payment directly to landlords who incurred debt due to rental arrears during the course of the pandemic.

Just recently, LA city decided to create extensive “just-cause” eviction protections for renters in LA which will likely have severe negative consequences to landlords and force many small landlords out of the rental business in the city of LA. The city of LA is also in the process of forcing landlords to pay relocation money to tenants who decide to move after certain rent increases. LA city is also voting on requiring landlords to wait until a tenant owes a certain amount of rent before a landlord is allowed to bring forth a non-payment of rent eviction case against a tenant.

Recap on LA City and LA County Relief Funds for Landlords

Any type of relief for hard-hit small mom and pop landlords in LA city and LA county could help landlords stay afloat. But how much red tape will be involved, and how many rights will the landlord have to give up in order to accept the funds? Positively speaking, it appears the funds would go directly to the hands of landlords.

Additional Information

* It is important for landlords to understand what jurisdiction the rental property is located in, and whether or not there are any special tenant protections or rent control applicable to the property.


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