Landlord’s Right of Entry in Los Angeles Rental Units

A landlord has the right to enter a Los Angeles rental unit only under certain conditions and only after the proper procedures have been followed.  This article will briefly discuss the circumstances that allow a landlord to enter a rental unit in Los Angeles.

The landlord has the right to enter the rental unit in Los Angeles:

  1. In an emergency;
  2. To make necessary or agreed repairs or improvements;
  3. To provide required or permitted services;
  4. To show the unit to possible buyers or new tenants;
  5. To make an inspection under Civil Code section 1950.5(f);
  6. When the tenant has abandoned or surrendered the property;
  7. Under a court order;
  8. With the tenant’s consent.

Except in the case of an emergency, tenant abandonment/surrender, or with the tenant’s consent, the landlord may only enter during normal business hours and after giving proper notice.  What constitutes “normal business hours” is often disputed.  It is not clear whether or not this includes the weekend.  Therefore, the parties should indicate in the rental agreement what constitutes “normal business hours” in order to shield the landlord from possible liability when entering the rental unit.

The notice of intent to enter the rental unit must specify the date, approximate time, and purpose of the entry.  My firm offers this form to the public.  You may download the Landlord Notice to inspect/make repairs.  Reasonable notice is generally 24 hours in advance if placed on the door, or 6 days if mailed.

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