Los Angeles City Eviction Updates for March 2023

Los Angeles City Eviction Updates for March 2023

The city of Los Angeles created several new tenant protection rules in the past several weeks. This article will summarize the new Los Angeles city eviction updates as of March 2023.

Notices to Terminate Tenancy Must Be Filed with LAHD

Landlords who are subject to the RSO or the JCO in the city of Los Angeles must provide a copy of any termination of tenancy notice to the LAHD.

Required Los Angeles Renter Protections Notice

Landlords must provide a new renter protections fact sheet to their tenants in the city of Los Angeles.

Just Cause Reasons to Evict a Tenant in the City of LA

Landlords in the city of LA who are subject to the RSO or the JCO can only evict a tenant if they have an allowable “just cause” reason for the Los Angeles eviction.

Restricting Non Payment Evictions in the City of LA

Non-payment of rent evictions in the city of LA can only commence if the tenant owes more than one month of the fair market rent.

Landlord in the City of LA Must Pay a Tenant if the Tenant Moves Due to Certain Rent Increases

If a landlord in the city of LA increases the rent over a certain threshold and the tenant decides to move as a result of the increase, the landlord has to pay the tenant money.

Hope for Landlords

The Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles (AAGLA) has filed a lawsuit against the city of LA regarding some of these new rules. Hopefully the lawsuit will force the city of LA to change some of the new (and arguably illegal) tenant protection rules.

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