Los Angeles COVID Eviction Moratorium Videos


The Los Angeles COVID eviction moratorium is complex and difficult to understand. To help demystify the LA COVID eviction moratorium, the Law Office of David Piotrowski has created several videos to help landlords understand both the LA city eviction moratorium and the LA county eviction moratorium.

The videos on this page focus on the LA city and LA county COVID-19 eviction moratorium. The most recently published videos appear first, with our oldest video on the LA eviction moratorium showing up last.

LA County Owner Move-In Evictions During the COVID-19 Eviction Moratorium

This video discusses an exception to the LA county eviction moratorium ban on no-fault evictions for landlords who need to evict a tenant for owner or owner family member move-ins.

When Does the LA City and LA County Eviction Moratorium End?

This video answers the question that many landlords have: When does the LA eviction moratorium end?!

Los Angeles County Eviction Moratorium Denial of Entry Rules

During the LA eviction moratorium, a tenant can deny a landlord access to the rental property except in limited circumstances. But the rules are changing in June 2022. Learn about the denial of entry rules in the LA county eviction moratorium.

Los Angeles County Eviction Moratorium Extension for 2022

LA county created a 3-phase system to eventually end the eviction moratorium. Find out about the LA county eviction moratorium and how it works in 2022.

California and Los Angeles Eviction Moratorium Updates for October 2021

LA city and LA county continue to take property rights away from landlords.

Los Angeles County Eviction Moratorium Extended to September 30, 2021

LA city and LA county decided to extend the eviction moratorium.

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