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David Piotrowski, an evictions attorney, provides assistance to landlords needing to evict non-paying tenants and tenants who violate the terms of their rental agreement in Los Angeles. The firm assists Los Angeles landlords.

Are you a landlord in need of a Los Angeles eviction attorney?  Has your tenant stopped paying the rent or are they violating a term of the lease, such as keeping a pet on the property despite a no-pets provision in the lease?  We can assist you in evicting your Los Angeles tenant!

The first step in a Los Angeles eviction if the case is due to non-payment of rent  is to issue a 3 Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit.  We will prepare this for you.  We can either serve it on the tenants, or you can serve it once we have prepared the document.  Serving a 3 Day Notice on your Los Angeles tenant can be effected by hand delivering it to the tenant, by delivering it to a competent adult on the premises, or by posting a copy on the front door and mailing a copy to the Los Angeles tenant.

After the 3 days have elapsed, we will prepare the Los Angeles eviction paperwork and file it with the court.  This is an actual lawsuit where you, as landlord, are the plaintiff, and your Los Angeles tenant is the defendant.  The primary goal of a Los Angeles eviction is to get possession of the property back into the hands of the landlord.

After the Los Angeles eviction is filed with the court, we will have the tenant served.  If the tenant fails to respond to the Los Angeles eviction complaint, then we almost automatically win the case and will request a default judgment from the court.  However, if the Los Angeles tenant responds, then we will fight the case on your behalf.

If you are a landlord in Los Angeles and need help with a Los Angeles eviction, feel free to contact the Law Office of David Piotrowski for a free consultation.

Visit the Los Angeles Evictions page at http://www.AttorneyDavid.com/los-angeles-evictions.html for additional information.

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