Los Angeles Landlord – Procedure to Enter into Tenant Unit


The Los Angeles landlord must give the tenant reasonable notice of intent in writing to enter the property and must only enter during normal business hours.  The Los Angeles landlord’s notice to enter must specify the date, approximate time, and purpose of the entry.

As an exception, no written notice is required when the landlord and tenant verbally agree to an entry for purposes of making repairs that the parties have agreed on.  However, the oral agreement must specify the date and time of entry, which must occur within one week of the agreement.

Additionally, no notice is required in the case of an emergency.

My firm always recommends that Los Angeles landlord’s put the notice in writing, even if the parties verbally agreed to the entry, in order to minimize potential problems in the future.

Note: The landlord may not abuse the right of entry or use it to harass the tenant.

Additional information can be found in this article.

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