Los Angeles Rent Control Eviction Based on Violation of Rental Agreement

If your Los Angeles tenant has failed to perform a rule specified in the rental agreement, then you may be able to evict them even if they are under Los Angeles rent control.  Notice should be given to the tenant and the tenant should have an opportunity to cure the breach, unless the breach is not curable.  When in doubt, it is a better practice to serve a “cure or quit” notice rather than simply a “quit” notice under the Los Angeles Rent Stablization Ordinance.

Furthermore, the breach should be a “material breach” or a “substantial breach” rather than a minor breach under Los Angeles rent control laws.  In addition, it will help the Los Angeles landlord to show that the breach is ongoing and not a one-time breach.  Written documentation, photographs, and witnesses will all help a landlord win a Los Angeles eviction based on a lease violation under the LA rent control laws.

Of course, in order to establish that a breach of the rental agreement occurred, the landlord should be sure to get the rental agreement in writing and carefully outline the terms of the agreement.  Landlords should be as detailed as possible to assist the attorney when it is time to evict the Los Angeles tenant due to a lease violation.

The 3 day notice should state that it complies with the LA Rent Control laws.

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