Los Angeles Rent Control Exemptions


Rent control in the city of Los Angeles is both unfair and unfortunate for the landlord.  California is already a pro-tenant state, and Los Angeles makes it even worse for landlords by subjecting a good part of the rental units throughout the city to rent control.

Rent control does not apply to every unit within the city of Los Angeles.  There are several Los Angeles rent control exemptions.  This article will discuss Los Angeles rent control exemptions and will explain what type of rental units are exempt from Los Angeles rent control.  If your rental unit does not fall under one of these Los Angeles rent control exemptions, we can still assist you with your eviction.  Each case is different, and there may be another way of evicting the tenant.  If no Los Angeles rent control exemption applies in your situation, then we can still evict in certain circumstances.

Common rent control exemptions in Los Angeles include:

  • Hotels, room and board house accommodations (unless the tenant remains in possession at least 30 days);
  • Hospitals, convents and monasteries, extended medical care facilities, nonprofit homes for aged, school dormitories (but retirement homes are not exempt);
  • New construction, defined as units that have been issued a certificate of occupancy after October 1, 1978;
  • Luxury units, defined as apartments that had certain rent levels in 1978;
  • Single family residences, but not including duplexes, condos, and single family dwellings where two or more units are on the same lot (for example, an unregistered guest house on the same lot as the house is not exempt);
  • Voluntarily-vacated units, meaning units that have been vacated voluntarily or for eviction on specified grounds;
  • Mobilehomes, recreational vehicles and recreational vehicle parks;
  • State-licensed community care facilities;
  • Indian land;
  • Government-subsidized housing
The above are the most common Los Angeles rent control exemptions.  Does your unit fall into one of these Los Angeles rent control exempt categories?  If so, congratulations!  If not, you may need to abide by Los Angeles rent control guidelines when evicting a tenant.


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