Los Angeles Rent Control Relocation Assistance Costs


Relocation assistance under Los Angeles rent control is one of the most unfair and “crazy” laws in my opinion.  The Los Angeles rent control laws are completely biased and in favor of the tenant and impose extreme hardships on landlords needing to evict a tenant under certain circumstances.  The constitutionality of relocation assistance has been upheld as reasonably related to the legitimate government purpose of easing the burden on displaced tenants during times of housing shortages.   So, until we can get the law repealed, we must deal with it.  This blog post will outline relocation costs that may need to be paid to tenants in the city of Los Angeles, simply to get the tenant out of your home.

The city of Los Angeles rent control ordinance requires landlords to provide relocation assistance to tenant evictions in certain “no-fault” grounds.  The relocation costs can go up to $18,500, depending on the circumstances of the case.  The amount of relocation assistance under the Los Angeles rent control laws depend in part on how many units the landlord owns, whether or not the tenant is disabled, a senior citizen, and whether the tenant has any minor children.

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