Mid-Year Eviction Update for California Tenant Evictions


Eviction Delays2013 is half over. The first half of this year has seen a high amount of disputed evictions. For several reasons – which I will not discuss but you can draw your own conclusions – tenants have been “holding on” and fighting the case in an attempt to get additional “free” time in the rental unit.

I won’t use this post to go into details on what many tenants are doing, because I do not want to give any ideas to tenants hoping to delay their eviction case. But I will say that, as a landlord, it is important to begin your eviction case immediately, as soon as a there is a tenant default. Whether the eviction is based on non payment of rent, a violation of the rental agreement, the tenant is causing a nuisance or committing waste, or something else, don’t wait! Start the eviction immediately.

Many of the eviction delays are caused by merit-less “stall” tactics initiated by tenants. A good portion of these stall tactics can be minimized by a good attorney.

These tenant-caused delays, when coupled with the new Unlawful Detainer hub court consolidation system, is resulting in delays to have your eviction case heard. It is more important than ever to start the eviction process as soon as your tenant is in default.

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