Notice of Rent Increase for California Residential Lease


Landlords may increase the rent on a non-rent controlled, non-government subsidized property, by providing proper written notice to the tenant.  The notice period is 30 days (for rent increases of 10% or less), or 60 days (for rent increases of more than 10%).

The Law Office of David Piotrowski provides a Notice of Rent Increase template for a small fee.  The Notice of Rent Increase template should be used when you wish to increase the rent on a month-to-month tenancy (non-rent controlled).  The rules for increasing the rent may vary substantially if your unit is located in a rent-controlled jurisdiction or if you are subject to a government subsidy contract.  Contact an attorney for help.

Landlords may increase the rental amount on a month-to-month tenancy by providing the tenant with proper written notice.  The increase in rent will normally take effect after either 30 or 60 days’ written notice.  If mailing the notice to the tenant, then you must add five (5) calendar days from the date of mailing.  Double check your rental agreement, as the agreement may specify a longer or shorter notice period.  If you are unsure of the validity of your notice, consult an attorney.

Normally, a landlord must give 30 days’ notice for rent increases of 10% or less. If the rent increase is going to be more than 10% of the rent charged to the tenant during the 12 months prior to the increase, then 60 days’ notice is required to be given to the tenant.

If mailed, the notice must be placed in a sealed envelope, postage prepaid, addressed to the person on whom it is to be served, at the premises address.  Service is complete at the time of mailing, but you must add 5 calendar days to the 30/60 day notice period.

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