Paid Eviction Consultation for Landlords

Tenant Eviction
Tenant Eviction

In addition to our free consultations which have been offered to landlords for years, we now offer paid consultations for landlords who either want a more in-depth review and discussion regarding their eviction case, or for landlords who are located outside of our service area but still want to discuss the eviction with an experienced eviction attorney. Schedule your paid consultation today.

Paid Eviction Consultation

Our paid eviction consultations are for landlords who would like to discuss the eviction case in more detail with a landlord attorney for up to 30 minutes of time. Rather than receiving general information about evictions and how your case may proceed, a paid consultation allows both landlord and attorney to discuss the case in more detail and we can even review the rental agreement or other documents with the landlord to discuss a very personalized outline and determine the best way to proceed with the case.

A paid eviction consultation is also a great option for landlords who are located outside of our service area, but still want the advice of an experienced eviction attorney. Since our free consultations are available only to those landlords whose property is located within our service area, out-of-area landlords have the ability to discuss the case with us with a paid consultation.

Landlords can schedule a paid consultation easily here.

The Law Office of David Piotrowski represents landlords only with California eviction cases.

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