Permissible Grounds for Eviction Under Los Angeles Rent Control

Generally, a landlord may evict a month-to-month tenant for any reason by serving the tenant with the proper notice to terminate.  However, the city of Los Angeles makes it more difficult to evict a tenant if the unit falls under Los Angeles Rent Control.

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This article will outline common permissible grounds for eviction under Los Angeles rent control.  Note, not all Los Angeles rental units are subject to rent control.  Many rental units in Los Angeles are exempt from rent control.  In units that are exempt from Los Angeles rent control, the landlord can evict a tenant using normal procedures.

Common permissible grounds for eviction under Los Angeles rent control include:

  • Non-payment of rent;
  • Breach of rental agreement;
  • If the landlord decides to remove the unit from the rental market;
  • If the tenant is creating a nuisance or damaging the property;
  • If the tenant is using the unit for an illegal purpose;
  • Owner or family member occupancy;
  • Resident manager use;
  • Unauthorized subtenant;
  • Excessive number of tenants

In addition to these common permissible grounds for eviction under Los Angeles rent control, there are additional reasons for eviction, as well as exemptions.  Contact an attorney today.

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