Preparing to File an Unlawful Detainer Eviction Case in California

When a landlord decides it’s time to evict the tenant, the landlord should start preparing and thinking about the following:

  • Why am I evicting the tenant?
  • Are there any rent control laws where the house is located?
  • Do I have a paper trail to support my reasons for eviction?
  • How long will an eviction take?
  • What is my budget for the eviction?
  • Am I evicting to retaliate against the tenant for something that the tenant did? Am I discriminating against the tenant? Both of these are possible defenses to an eviction case.

Even if your eviction budget is not very high, you should definitely consider hiring an attorney to represent you, or in the very least, to help you properly fill out the eviction paperwork. There are many pitfalls and requirements for an eviction case. The slight mistake can cost the unknowing landlord time and a lot of money.

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