Provisions that California landlords may want to place in their rental agreements…


The following is a non-exclusive list of items that California landlords may want to place in their rental agreements.  These are not mandatory items, but are generally worthwhile for the landlord to include in the California lease:

  1. The tenant may not take in boarders, lodgers, or roommates without the landlord’s prior written consent.
  2. The tenant must maintain the premises in a safe and sanitary condition, and refrain from damaging the unit.
  3. The tenant must dispose of all trash in a safe and sanitary manner.
  4. The tenant may not paint or wallpaper the property without the landlord’s written consent.
  5. The tenant may not change the locks or fail to provide the landlord with a key.
  6. The tenant may not use a waterbed without waterbed insurance.
  7. The tenant may not disturb other tenants and must obey rules of the unit.
  8. The tenant may not have pets on the property.
  9. The tenant may not repair or change the oil of motor vehicles or motorcycles on the property.
  10. The tenant must comply with all laws and with building rules and regulations.
  11. The tenant can only use the property for residential purposes.
  12. The tenant cannot use common-area utilities or water.
  13. The tenant may not store items in the common area.
  14. The tenant may not imporperly install, maintain, or remove antennas or a satellite dish that violates any laws.
  15. The tenant must pay the rent on time.

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